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Training Programs

Power to Pedal

Do you know what the terms MSP or FTP mean?

Do you know your Power or Heart rate Zones?

Why can training indoors help my performance outdoors?

Have you ever taken a VT or MSP field test?

What is Threshold and why is it important to know?

What is lactate and how can I improve my Lactate Threshold?

Why is it so important to know my Low and High Threshold?

What methodology is the best at determining your Zones and managing your training?

Age-Predicted Heart Rate - vs - Maximum Heart Rate - vs - Threshold Heart Rate, which one should I use and why?

What are my limiters?  And, why is it important to understand how these limiters can impact my degree of success in reaching my goals?


Power to Pedal Winter Training Program Includes:

  • Mini lectures that will help explain and answer the above questions

  • MSP/FTP small group field test - Pre/Post Assessment

  • Indoor training rides focused on improving power at threshold, raising VO2, building cardiovascular endurance and training smarter
  • Handouts and charts distributed with your specific zones and individual percentages
Winter Training Program "Power to Pedal"

This program is ideal for outdoor riders and fitness enthusiasts of all stages. This program will use power and heart rate zones principles to teach you how to monitor and analyze your body's response to daily, weekly and monthly training.  You will gain an understanding of the importance of heart rate intensity and the role it plays in proper training and recovery.  This program is designed to assist with weight loss, improve cardiovascular threshold management, muscular strength and endurance, and improve your overall fitness and athletic performance.  A heart rate monitor is required. 


Winter Training Program Includes:

- Baseline Individual VT HZ Field Test
- Group Pre/Post Assessment  FTP/MSP Field Test
- USB Computer download of access 
- Weekday Training Rides (45-60 minutes)
- Weekend Journey Rides (60-90 minutes)

Program begins January 6, 2014
Program ends March 1, 2014

Holiday Special: $275 before Jan 2

Spring Training Program

*** Offered March 2014 ***



Registration for specific days/times is required.  Sessions are limited to 8 participants so there is plenty of individual attention to go around. Cycling programs are progressive, therefore it is imperative to ensure attendance of your specific day/time.  Please note, make-ups will not be offered and refunds will not be given for classes missed.