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Customer/Client Testimonials

For eight years, Michelle has been my fitness trainer. Her one-on-one personalized fitness training always focuses on where I am presently and what I need most to build my overall strength and balance. Michelle approaches each of my sessions with an individualized plan that she readily adapts if necessary.  She brings an endless variety of exercises and creativity to her work with me and adjusts her plan if there are health issues to work around.

Michelle’s enthusiasm and passion for helping others achieve personal levels of fitness and wellness inspires and encourages me. She is an incredible role-model and an extremely knowledgeable trainer who continually stretches to learn the latest about health and fitness. Michelle challenges herself and me to reach for maximum health and well-being. My fitness sessions with her are always fun and productive, and I leave each and every session feeling grateful that I have Michelle as my personal trainer.

-CS, Age 67, Lewisburg
I was referred to Michelle by my doctor.  Heart disease is prevalent in my family but I don't tolerate the statins, so I was looking for something I could do to decrease my risk through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. I knew that I needed more that a quick fix.  I was bored with working out, I needed help with motivation and I needed a plan.   I wanted a Personal Trainer who knew what they were doing... and I got just that.  What I did not realize is, what I learned about HR zones and power/watts from Michelle with an indoor bike, is what would ignite my interest again.  I used to hate riding a bike, but now with my new understanding, I love it. I now ride outdoors with greater strength and endurance which adds to the diversity I was looking for.  It has increased my confidence and motivation. It is something I can do for the rest of my life and enjoy.  My HDL (good cholesterol) has increased to 57 which decreases my heart risk. There is no way I could have gotten where I am on my own in the same time frame.  It was a great investment in time and money.  It has improved my fitness level beyond my expectations, along with the quality of my life.

- Diane

Our son Joshua played basketball and golf in high school. He sustained injuries to both of his knees and ankles, all of which were sports related. Because of our son's love of sports and strong desire to continue playing basketball, my husband and I contacted Michelle asking her to evaluate and work with our son with the goal of protecting him from further injuries. The initial consultation Michelle provided was very thorough. She asked several specific questions of my husband, son, and I and addressed all our concerns. Another part of her consult included a physical inspection of Joshua's legs, joints, movement, and strength to identify potential issues. After spending time with the three of us, Michelle designed a plan that not only addressed strength and conditioning, but also tailored his plan to be sport specific. This was key as she explained the demands on muscles and joints vary by sport. She also explained how important strengthening the core was to over all physical performance.

Joshua is now a college freshman, and continues to utilize what Michelle has taught him. He has made appropriate, safe exercise part of his daily life.

  - Lisa Kahl, Selinsgrove


Michelle has been taping “Focus on Fitness” segments for our newscast for years now, and I’ve been her guinea pig.  I’ve always prepared myself for a well thought-out and challenging set of workouts.  Michelle knows cardio, progressions, strength-training and just about every exercise you could possibly want to use and knows how to get the most out of me, even if it’s just for a two minute segment.  I think the ultimate testimonial I can give is that I’ve added most of her exercise routines to my own workouts.

 - Chris O'Rourke, News Anchor for CCN News 8 in Danville 


When I started to go to Michelle I had some issues with my back and my shoulder. Michelle has such an excellent knowledge of Physical Fitness. She has helped me strengthen my muscles and bones through the individual programs she puts together for me. Failure is not an option. She has been totally devoted to Physical Fitness for many years and she keeps learning more then she shares that knowledge with her clients. We have a wonderful client-trainer relationship. Michelle knows my goals and she sets the bar higher and higher to help me acheive my goals and her goals for me. I really appreciate her and I am so happy I found her.


Diane Sunanday, Allenwood

My personal training with Michelle has been an invaluable experience that I will carry with me wherever I go. Michelle has helped to educate me on many aspects of my body through training sessions that are uniquely personalized to me, my abilities and fitness goals. One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned through Michelle’s teaching is the importance of core strength and how it impacts all that I do, every movement that I take. Each week I look forward to my sessions with Michelle because they are fun, energizing, new and different; there is always a new challenge to meet. Recently, Michelle has helped to create a training routine that I can take with me to North Africa while serving in the Peace Corps. It was designed for me to do in a small space due to unknown circumstances. If this isn’t personal training at its best I’m not sure what is! Through my work with Michelle, the rewards have been a new level of strength and fitness as well as greater confidence and understanding about my body.

Caitlin, Age 30