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Personal Training Pricing

Individuals are more likely to achieve the results they desire with the help of a Personal Trainer. Workouts are designed with an individualized blend of exercises tailored to your personal needs. Trainers will provide motivation, accountability and refreshing new routines, as well as ensure you are using proper technique and working at the correct intensity. Help yourself, or someone you love, take this initial step in developing a healthy lifestyle and improve your overall well-being.


Free consultation includes health history screening and program goals.

After your free consultation, all new clients will participate in several testing procedures based on individuals goals, activities or sport they participate in. These test and foundational procedures may include our Functional Movement Screen, Balance and Stabilization, Essentials of Postural Position, Alignment Foundations, Aerobic Endurance, Core Strength, Muscular Power and SAQ's to name a few. This prerequisite allows us to gain a better understanding of your current fitness level, restrictions, and range of motion.  We will also use the information gathered as a measuring tool for your individual progress.  Basic nutritional information is available upon request.

60-Minute Session

1 Session        $50
Packages available
30-Minute Session
1 Session          $30 
Packages available