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Indoor Cycling Classes

Class Descriptions

Cycling Orientation
Before you attend any of our cycle classes, you will need to sign up and take a free introductory class. During this orientation, we will get the bike set properly for your body, explain the bike's computer system, and introduce cycling terminology. After the introduction to the bike, we will take a short ride to get you comfortable on the bike and to start you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Please contact us to reserve your bike.
Cycle 101
Our beginner cycle classes are ideal for all levels of fitness. The class is designed to let you get a feel for riding our FreeMotion Bikes. We will make sure you have proper bike fit, let you get a better understanding of how to read the power consoles and explore rate of perceived exertion that will lead us into understanding eventually the importance of using a heart rate monitor during class. During this 35 - 45 minute class we will instruct you through all the basic moves needed for a safe, fun and enjoyable ride. Our goal is to give you a great indoor cycling experience while increasing cardiovascular fitness both aerobic and anaerobic.
CycleFit Ride
CycleFit Ride classes are ideal for all levels of fitness including recreational or experienced riders, someone returning to fitness, runners or an athlete looking to improve their performance.  This class is designed to assist with weight loss, improved cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance and improve your overall fitness.  Education on Power and Heart Zones will be introduced and implemented during rides for those who are looking for more specific goals.
Cycle H.I.I.T 
This class is 45 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training on the bike. Be ready to sweat, pump your heart and feel the challenges like you never felt before
Cycle & Stretch
This combo class consists of 40 minutes of cardio on the bike and then we will hit the floor for 15 minutes of stretching, breathing and restoration.
Journey Ride
Come enjoy a full hour, plus a little more, to build your endurance, stamina and mental focus. We will focus on keeping a steady Heart Rate and Power output during the ride.

Tune In “BPM”

This class features musical themes that will get you groovin', legs movin', and heart pumpin' for 45 minutes. Look for “80’s”, “Studio45”, “Pop Diva”, 90’s, “Hair Bands”, “Hip-Hop”, “Hard as Rock”, etc…

Prices and Packages

Introductory Demo Class Ride = FREE

Single Class Ride = $15

Ride Card Packages

5 classes = $65 (expires 2 months)

10 classes = $120 (expires 3 months)

20 classes = $220 (expires 4 months)


  • Class Rides are on average 45-50 minutes (Unless otherwise noted)

  • It is highly recommended that new riders schedule a demo ride.

  • Each person must sign up and reserve a spot for each class ride.

  • If you need to cancel, you must notify us at or text 570-441-4240.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 4 hours prior to class start time otherwise you will be charged.
  • Registration for specific days/times is required.  Sessions are limited to 8 participants so there is plenty of individual attention to go around.