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Field Testing

We offer several assessments depending upon your experience, fitness and goals. Each assessment is a Sub Max Field Test that can determine your Heart Rate Ventilatory Threshold or Personal Sustainable Power. It is a starting point for getting fitter, a frame of reference for getting faster, stronger and a measuring tool for training smarter. Knowing your metrics helps to remove the guess work from your workouts or training efforts allowing you to train at the appropriate intensity to maximize improvement. These tests can be done as either part of a group orientation class or a personal appointment. A heart rate monitor will be needed. If you do not have a HRM, you may borrow one from the studio for the test.  
Individual Assessment

If you are new to Field Testing, it is recommended that you choose this option especially if it is your first time taking a Field Test.  This is a personal scheduled appointment.  A Field Test Coach will administer the test.  You will receive a chart with your Power and Heart Zones that will be used during your classes or training rides.

Individual Assessment Price: $50

Group Assessment     
If you have experience with Field Testing and feel comfortable with the bike technology or would like to retest yourself and reevaluate your fitness or performance, then you should join the Group Field Testing opportunities scheduled each month. A Field Test Coach will administer the test in a group setting. Note: If you are unfamiliar with Field Test, I recommend having an Individual Assessment first.
Price: $25