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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of indoor cycling classes or programs do you offer?

At this time, we are only offering Classes at our studio. Sorry but there will be no walk-ins or single classes without an appointment. However, we will be offering Free Demo Rides. Please contact us to make an appointment.

You can register for a program by contacting Michelle at 570-441-4240 or email or

Will you be offering open class rides in the future?

YES, our schedule will expand as we grow and move forward in this journey. Our goal is to offer both programs and a variety of class rides that you will be able to select online. We want to offer the best exercise and cycling opportunities to fit everyone’s schedule the best that we can.

If there is a time and day that works well for you, please contact us so that we can better serve your needs! In the future, our goal is to add an online bike reservation system for a variety of independent class rides, new instructors, virtual rides and educational workshops so, be sure to check back in for updates and announcements.

What if I have some friends, coworkers or teammates that enjoy working out together and the posted program times you studio offers don't fit our schedules?
Research says that you get better results when in a group setting with people who have similiar goals and have a schedule to follow. We offer you the opportunity to start your own indoor riding group program. You pick the days, times and establish group goals. We develop the program, motivate, encourage and coach you to your best fitness ever. Together!! 

Will indoor cycling improve my running? 

Avid runners, who have added indoor cycling to their cross-training routine, often report that indoor cycling “balances” out their leg muscles, putting emphasis on muscle groups not normally used during running. It is also a great way to avoid over-training and provides a “break” from the constant pounding that can take a toll on the feet and knees. It is also great for yogis looking to condition the heart in between yoga classes.


What should I wear?

Any workout attire is great so long as you are comfortable! However, since you will be sweating we recommend dry-fit or moisture wicking clothing.  Padded bike shorts are always helpful while getting used to the seat and a heart rate monitor can really make a difference. If you decide to participate in more programs/classes in the future or looking for specific results, we highly recommend using a heart rate monitor and taking one of our field tests.  These field tests will help to establish your individual bio markers that will help us create your individual heartzones and powerzones.  

Do you have a shower or lockers?

Yes, we have two bathrooms and one has a shower. Please plan ahead if you will need to take a shower. You can reserve a shower time if needed. We do not have lockers but have an individual storage box area for your personal items.