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Equipment/Training Tools


Please find below a description of our brand new indoor cycling bikes and power console. In order for you to get the most out of your training classes we highly recommend that you bring a heartrate monitor and cycling shoes. Please read below for recommendations and further information as it pertains differently to each cycling package.


Indoor Bike
FreeMotion™ Carbon Drive® Cycle
  • The FreeMotion™ Fitness Carbon Drive™ is the first and only indoor cycles featuring Gates® Carbon Drive™ technology.
  • The S11.9 delivers comfort, convenience and performance in every workout.
  • Designed for the most realistic ride possible.
  • With a higher inertia, each pedal stroke is incredibly smooth.
  • A 5:1 gear ratio, perimeter weighted flywheel, and Carbon Drive™ combine for an unmatched efficient ride.
  • The FreeMotion™ Fitness Carbon Drive™ delivers a superior ride experience.

Power Console

Free Motion® Console with Power Sensor

  • Easy to read console displays: Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate, Kcal, Time, Distance, Kilojoules .
  • Ride information can be automatically exported to Excel file on any USB.
  • Console is compatible with ANT+ Sport and Polar® (5 kHz) wireless chest pulse.
Heart Rate Monitor
Must be ANT+ and Polar Compatible
At SSF, you will learn why Heart rate monitors are important and we will help you to establish HeartZones based off of your individual fitness. If you take the Beginner or Fitness Cycle Program we do not require but highly recommended that all participants use a Heart rate monitor as often as they can. If you participate in the Performance Program, we require a Heart rate Monitor. We believe that Heart rate monitors are a helpful accessory for aerobic conditioning, learning more about how your body responds to physical stress and overload. and establishing your personal HeartZones. From beginners to the advanced athlete, HRM can be the missing link to you reaching your fitness and performance goals and getting results. 

The American Heart Association explains that close monitoring of your heart rate during exercise is the key not only to knowing that you're working out strenuously enough, but whether you're improving your fitness over time. While there are other means of judging the effectiveness of your workout, heart rate monitoring is a very reliable method. It provides objective data, and can keep you on track for success.
Dual Sided Pedals, SPD and Toe Cage
Our FreeMotion® bike pedals are compatible with the majority of cycle-appropriate shoes, these dual-sided pedals accomodate both high-performance SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) cleats and tradition fitness shoes.