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Core Programs

Core Essentials Program
Core Essentials is the foundation to building a strong stable core.  It is a progressive core fitness training program for all fitness levels.  You will learn proper cueing and technique.  This program will help strengthen unbalanced areas and avoid compensation for weaker muscles such as hips, pelvic floor, shoulders and back. If you have bad posture, low back discomfort, weak abs, unstable knees then this program is for you.  It is highly recommended that you take the Core Essentials Program before participating in the Core F.I.T. Program.  Please inquire if you are unsure.
Core F.I.T. Program

The Core F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training) Program features a full body workout that focuses on exercises designed to build a stronger, more stable, and functional 3D core. The muscles of your abs, shoulders, back and hips are essential for everyday movement and performance.  Each person will have an opportunity to progress as they get stronger and more comfortable with each exercise.  Get ready to push yourself to building a stronger, leaner and healthier body.  Note: The Core Essentials Program is a prerequisite to joining this program.

Registration for specific days/times is required.  Sessions are limited to 10 participants so there is plenty of individual attention to go around. Each session in the program is progressive, therefore it is imperative to ensure attendance of your specific day/time.  Please note, make-ups will not be offered and refunds will not be given for classes missed.